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Ticket 2 Blog

Apr 21, 2018

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What are SEO keywords?  Where?  When?  Why?

  • How do I do SEO?  When I put my fingers to the keyboard, what should I know about? 
  • I know I should be using keywords, but what words do the SEO Robots like?
  • How long will it take me to stop hating SEO?
  • Can I still be funny and have good SEO?
  • How do I know if my SEO is working?
  • How long does it take to SEO a piece of content?


Links to references made in the podcast:

  • The "Why a Hard Working Perfectionist... Doesn't Want a Job" article Jema wrote that she hasn't SEO'd yet.  (So it's only getting eyeballs from established readers and people who come from pages that have been SEO'd.)
  • How to Have Time to Do Everything - the article Jema wrote for the ep5 shownotes that she then SEO'd.
  • Episode 1 - where Berna and Jema rank their weirdness on the scale of 1-10.  And where we talk about blogs vs. journals.
  • Google's 200 Ranking Factors that we talked about in episode 7... where you find out about a million (okay 200) little things that go into determining your SEO score.
  • Episode 3 where we talk about your sphere of influence... including why it's worth writing your version of on topics that have already been written about.
  • Episode 5 where Berna gave herself what-to-do-with-no-wifi homework.
  • The first video (but 3rd in the series!) Berna finished when she didn't have wifi.
  • One of the blog posts Berna wrote in her no wifi time.


Timestamp Listening:

  • 2:15
    Where our sound quality comes from
  • 3:05
    The two categories of SEO 
  • 4:39
    How to figure out what keywords to use 
  • 9:33
    When Jema puts keywords in as she writes... and when she doesn't.
  • 10:37
    Jema's content creator life isn't just SEO successes (no one's life is!).  Here are some things she hasn't SEO'd or SEO'd well.
  • 11:57
    How SEO (for Berna) went from being like "a scary monster" to "a kind dog."
  • 13:22
    How long it usually takes new content creators to stop hating SEO
  • 14:01 
    A sentence Berna thought she'd never say about SEO
  • 14:28
    Where to actually put keywords and why
  • 19:13
    The keyword quick list
  • 21:11
    What to do with the great parts of your content that don't fit the SEO mold
  • 22:11
    How to track if SEO is working for you
  • 25:05
    How much time SEO takes Jema
  • 26:59 
    How often you should practice SEO as a newbie
  • 28:51
    A statistic to encourage you to do SEO
  • 30:23
    Other SEO factors (outside of what you do with content) that really matter
  • 34:29
    How you can join Berna in her SEO homework
  • 35:07
    How to get your Ticket 2 Blog fix between episodes
  • 36:25
    Question to look forward to next episode
  • 36:52
    Berna's lack-of-wifi homework results from episode 5.
  • 39:38
    Where to see the things Berna did when she (finally!) didn't have wifi.