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Ticket 2 Blog

Mar 5, 2018

Today your no-bullsh*t podcast about being a blogging nomad asks:

"How Do I Document Without Being an A**hole?"

Ever come across shareable moments, reach for your camera, and suddenly get hit by a wave of "“UGH, obnoxious tourist” shame?

Can't stand the thought of being that person with a selfie-stick?

Ever ask yourself:

  • What's the point?  There are a million photos of this on the internet.
  • Am I giving up living in the moment?
  • Am I missing a chance to capture good content?
  • Can I enjoy an experience AND document it?
  • Am I ruining things for people around me?
  • Should I apologize for taking pictures?
  • Is there a way to capture cultural performances without being a total a**hole? (spoiler alert: there is!)

This episode is for you!

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Timestamp Navigation:

  • 1:38
    How Berna feels when attempting to document her travels
  • 3:34
    Jema reveals why taking photos can feel icky (but doesn't have to!)
  • 5:01
    What Jema does (and recommends you do!) if it feels weird taking photos or videos
  • 6:32
    Berna reveals the worst case scenario she fears when she's nervous about taking photos.
  • 7:38
    What Jema used to do when she felt weird about taking photos. what she does now, and how people react
  • 9:13
    Why Jema hates selfie-sticks... it's probably not what you think.
  • 9:46
    Why your photo matters, even though it's being captured by thousands of other people.
  • 12:48
    A quote about your responsibility to do what you can to impact those around you
  • 14:09
    Jema's answer to being in the moment vs. being distracted by thoughts about "production value."
  • 15:56
    A homework recommendation for getting rid of worrying about what other people think
  • 16:49
    How Berna couldn't bring herself to take photos of cultural performers - especially having been one.
  • 18:44
    Jema's two stories - one she loved, one she hated - about people taking photos of her
  • 20:48
    How you can take cultural photos... and feel good about it!
  • 22:01
    What Berna gave herself for homework from the episode (You can do it with her!)
  • 23:44
    What Berna wants to talk about next week
  • 24:07
    Bern'a homework results from last week
  • 25:43
    How listeners can get their Ticket 2 Blog fix between episodes
  • 26:19
    What Berna is most dreading in her nomad life this week
  • 26:44
    What Jema is most dreading in her life


We're so grateful to Pitx for our music.  We grabbed a snippet of (modified) their work, which we get to use thanks to this legalese.