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Ticket 2 Blog

Mar 4, 2018

Today your no-bullsh*t podcast about being a blogging nomad asks:

"Should I Become a Blogger?"

It seems cool, hip, and maybe financially beneficial. 

  • Is it the right route for me?
  • Do I have what it takes? 
  • Am I asking myself the right questions?
  • How can I understand what's involved before I decide to start?

Links to references made in the podcast:

  • Berna's viral YouTube vids: Felicia's Wallet
  • Jema's well-known packing list written in a Bangkok internet cafe with no air-con.
  • Whether or not bloggers were writers first.  Jema's anecdata from polling fellow platform owners: 1 in 4 were not writers first, the rest were.


We're so grateful to Pitx for our music.  We grabbed a snippet of (modified) their work, which we get to use thanks to this legalese.